Who We Are

Pioneers Of All Things Big, Bouncy & Fun

Recognizing the power of ‘fun’ is central to who we are and informs everything that we do. We are a team passionate about bringing friends, families and complete strangers together in the pursuit of fun purely because it makes people happy and makes the world a better place.

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What We Do

Create Awesome Inflatables & Produce Memorable Events

We create exceptional pieces of interactive inflatable art the likes of which aren’t found anywhere else in the world. We take these pieces and we produce amazing, fun events and experiences centered around them.

Lets Work Together

We’ll Bring Our Magic To Your Event

If you’re a festival, shopping mall, event producer, city or park who stages events we can bring some of our awesomeness to your location. Whether you choose concepts or experiences from our existing inventory, or you want to work with us to create something completely customized and unique, we can help.