It all began with a quote:


Wise words from an inflatable industry OG. The year was 2015 and we were trying to find someone who could build us something amazing. We were calling round every inflatable supplier in the US asking for help and advice and trying to write them a big check to make us a big bouncer. And nobody was interested. Until we stumbled across a wise old sage from the Midwest.

Listening to him speak we wondered; if anything can indeed be inflated, why is everything in the world of ‘inflatable attractions’ so boring? Why does everyone use the same shapes? Why does everyone use the same colors? Where’s the innovation in design and playability? If the sky really is the limit, why is nobody reaching for it?

And so, we set out to become the company who would do just that.

At Big Bounce, our vision is to create the most unique and most awe-inspiring inflatable creations ever seen. Everything we put our name to has to look amazing and be focused on the fun and the playful. We dream big crazy dreams, and we turn those big crazy dreams into something even bigger. That you can bounce on.